GMC 18 V snellader

GMC 18V Fast Charger

GMC 18V Fast Charger

VAT included
Intelligent fast charger reaches 100% charge level in just 30 minutes (1.5Ah battery). Other charging times 2Ah (40min), 3Ah (60min) and 4Ah (80min). Provides 2 x faster charging times than original GMC 18V charger. Multiple safety features protect the battery and charger. Compatible with GMC18V15 (1.5Ah), GMC18V20 (2Ah), GMC18V30 (3Ah) and GMC18V40 (4Ah) batteries. LED status indication and long-life charging contacts. Please note that GMC 18V power tools with 3Ah or 4Ah batteries already include this high-current charger.

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The 18V Fast Charger from GMC can be found in the category: Power Tools and is there subdivided into Power Tools and Batteries.

The most important properties of the GMC 18V Fast Charger are:
- Intelligent charging with multiple safety & protection features
- 100% charging times 1.5Ah (30min), 2Ah (40min), 3Ah (60min) & 4Ah (80min)
- Provides faster charging times than original GMC 18V charger
- LED status indication & long-life charging contacts
- Compatible with GMC18V15, GMC18V20, GMC18V30 & GMC18V40 batteries.

You can find this 18V Fast Charger of the brand GMC at Yourtools with the item number: 458065 and has EAN code: 5024763159329.


Data sheet

Elektrisch gereedschap
Elekt. gereedschap
Ean code:
Eigenschap 1:
Intelligente snellader met verschillende veiligheidseigenschappen
Eigenschap 2:
2 Ah (40 min)
3 Ah (60 min) en 4 Ah (80 min)
5 Ah (30 min)
100% laadtijden 1
Eigenschap 3:
Voorziet 2 x snellere laadtijden dan de originele 18 V GMC oplader
Eigenschap 4:
LED laadindicator en duurzame laadcontacten
Eigenschap 5:
Compatibel met GMC18V15
GMC18V30 en GMC18V40 accu's
30-80 min
Korte omschrijving:
18 V snellader

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