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  • Silverline Coping Saw & 5 Blades

    Price €8.99
    Coping saw with wood handle. Includes 5 assorted 170mm blades. Allows for 360° adjustment of blade for cutting at any angle. For use on wood, plywood, hardboard, fibreboard, plastics, laminates and fibreglass.
  • Silverline Adjustable Demolition Saw

    Price €7.99
    Straight-back saw with a double row of hardened and tempered fine-point teeth for excellent cutting performance on both the push and pull stroke. The comfortable, adjustable 5-way handle allows correct positioning to clear obstacles and keeps the blade tight in all 5 positions.
  • Silverline Floorboard Saw

    Price €6.99
    Hardened and tempered steel blade that cuts quickly and accurately through all hard, soft and man-made timber.
  • Silverline Pad Saw

    Price €6.99
    Comfortable handle and polished steel blade with extra-sharp teeth. For cutting circles and shapes in timber and board.
  • Silverline Fretsaw

    Price €10.99
    Ideal for precision cutting on light materials when fine cutting and a long reach is required. Wooden handle and metal frame. Throat depth 300mm.
  • Silverline Coping Saw Blades 10pk

    Price €3.99
    Extremely thin, fine-cutting blades with minimal set.
  • Silverline Crosscut Pull Saw

    Price €11.99
    Hardened and tempered steel blade. Cuts on forward and back stroke, faster and smoother than conventional saws to give a smoother finish. Cuts hard, soft and man-made woods.
  • Silverline Flush Cut Saw

    Price €9.99
    Highly flexible, very thin blade with zero-set teeth that prevents marking of workpiece. For trimming dowels and other flush-cutting jobs.