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  • Silverline Depth Gauge

    Price €5.99
    Hardened stainless steel head with locking nut. Metric and imperial graduations.
  • Silverline Wiggler & Centre Finder Set 5pce

    Price €9.99
    High carbon steel. Use to check run-out or concentricity, establish centres, check straightness or alignment of flat surfaces. Includes: chuck holder, needle point, 0.25" dia ball, 0.1" dia disc and offset indicator holder.
  • Silverline Magnetic Base

    Price €25.99
    For use with dial test indicators. Machined base and one vertical side for choice of mounting positions. Fine adjustment screw for quick, accurate height setting. Powerful 2-side magnet with on/off switch.
  • Silverline Repairmans Taper Reamer

    Price €5.99
    Hardened and tempered carbon steel. Use to ream and deburr panel holes. Six flutes for cleaning and smoothing holes. Removable handle.
  • Silverline Engineers Scriber

    Price €3.99
    Double-ended, hardened steel engineers scriber for marking or scoring metal, laminates, plastics and other materials. Features 1 x straight and 1 x 90°.
  • Silverline Double-Ended Scriber

    Price €2.99
    Hardened and tempered steel scriber with both a point and knife end for use with a wide range of materials. Precision-ground ends for accuracy and knurled handle for excellent control. Use on metal, wood, plastics and laminates. Also for use as a striking knife.
  • Silverline Scribing Tool

    Price €3.99
    Tungsten carbide pin point for detailed work. Chrome-plated body with steel pen clip.
  • Silverline Protractor

    Price €8.99
    Stainless steel with brass locking nut. Dual marked from 0 - 180º in 1º increments. 150mm arm, 65mm gauge.
  • Silverline Protractor with Depth Gauge Scale

    Price €10.99
    Stainless steel with etched metric and imperial graduations. Suitable for angle measurement and transfer. Maximum depth gauge measurement 150mm.
  • Silverline Magnetic V-Block

    Price €73.99
    Precision-ground magnetic V-block with 3 magnetic surfaces. For holding round, square or rectangular workpieces. Use when grinding, marking, measuring etc.