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  • Silverline Plug Cutter Set 4pce

    Price €18.99
    Makes perfect plugs for counter-bored holes. Achieves excellent finish when using same timber. Titanium-coated for extended working life. Sizes: 6, 8, 13 and 16mm.
  • Silverline Rotary Rasp Set 5pce

    Price €6.99
    Carbon steel rasps. For shaping, carving and finishing rough cuts. Non-clogging. For use with power drills and die grinders. Includes flat top cylinder, club, ball, tapered cylinder and cone.
  • Silverline Drill Saw Set 3pce

    Price €6.99
    Drill, ream, file, rout and cut wood, plasterboard, plastic and aluminium with this 2-stage saw bit. Use the drill part of the bit to drill the starting hole, then use the milled shaft with specially designed teeth to cut the material. Quick, clog-free cutting. Titanium-coated high speed steel.
  • Silverline Woodworkers Glue Bottle Kit

    Price €6.99
    250ml capacity. For use with PVA and aliphatic resins. Includes dowel, thin biscuit joint blade and wide roller applicators.
  • Silverline Hinge Drill Bit Set 3pce

    Price €16.99
    For positioning door hinges. Using hinges as template, drill directly through the hinge holes. Chamfered hinge drill bits with spring loaded sleeve to match counter-sunk holes in hinges. HSS drill bits. Sizes: 2, 2.8 and 3.6mm.