Triton 120 W Natte tafelslijpmachine

Triton Stone Grader

Triton Stone Grader

VAT included
Stone Grader for use with the Triton Whetstone Sharpener TWSS10. For dressing the grinding stone.

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The Stone Grader from Triton can be found in the category: Power Tools and is there subdivided into Power Tools and Bench Top.

The most important properties of the Triton Stone Grader are:
- For use with Triton Whetstone Sharpener TWSS10
- For dressing the grinding stone
- For fine or coarse grinding
- .

You can find this Stone Grader of the brand Triton at Yourtools with the item number: 316176 and has EAN code: 5024763080128.


Data sheet

Elektrisch gereedschap
Elekt. gereedschap
Werkbank gereedschap
Ean code:
Eigenschap 1:
Te gebruiken met de Triton tafelslijpmachine TWSS10
Eigenschap 2:
Voor het bewerken van de slijpsteen
Eigenschap 3:
Voor fijn of grof slijpen
TWSSG steen slijper
Korte omschrijving:
120 W Natte tafelslijpmachine

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