Silverline COB LED schijnwerper

Silverline COB LED Floodlight

Silverline COB LED Floodlight

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Hard-wearing, powder-coated cast aluminium casing and single, bright, energy-efficient COB LED. PIR with detection angle and adjustable sensitivity. Adjustable position. 2100 lumens. IP54 rating.
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The COB LED Floodlight from Silverline can be found in the category: Power Tools and is there subdivided into Power Tools and Work Lights.

The most important properties of the Silverline COB LED Floodlight are:
- Hard-wearing, powder-coated cast aluminium casing
- Single bright energy-efficient COB LED
- PIR with detection angle & adjustable sensitivity
- Adjustable position
- 2100 lumen output / IP54 rating.

You can find this COB LED Floodlight of the brand Silverline at Yourtools with the item number: 509924 and has EAN code: 5024763195556.


Data sheet

Elektrisch gereedschap
Elekt. gereedschap
Ean code:
Eigenschap 1:
Duurzame poedergecoate behuizing uit gegoten aluminium
Eigenschap 2:
Een enkel heldere energie-effici‰nte COB LED
Eigenschap 3:
Bewegingsdetector met aanpasbare instellingen en sensitiviteit
Eigenschap 4:
Verstelbare hoekpositie
Eigenschap 5:
2100 lumen / IP54 beschermingsgraad
30 W PIR
Korte omschrijving:
COB LED schijnwerper

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