Triton TWX7 Transportkit ruwe ondergrond

Triton TWX7 Rugged Transit Kit

Triton TWX7 Rugged Transit Kit

VAT included
Large diameter rugged transit wheel attachment for the workcentre chassis, suitable for transit across uneven terrain. Grooved tread pattern running the circumference of the wheel, ensuring maximum traction at all times. Internal bush insert design keep the wheels perfectly concentric to the axle, minimising wear and tracking deficiencies. External wheel covers protect the axle and fastening components from dirt and debris. Durable ABS moulded rugged transit handle. Pivot mounted for user comfort whilst in use. Large diameter handle mount ensures forces are distributed evenly during transit.

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The TWX7 Rugged Transit Kit from Triton can be found in the category: Power Tools and is there subdivided into Power Tools and Workcentres.

The most important properties of the Triton TWX7 Rugged Transit Kit are:
- Large diameter wheels, suitable for transit across uneven terrain
- Grooved tread pattern
- Internal bush inserts
- Wheel covers protect internal components
- Durable ABS moulded handle.

You can find this TWX7 Rugged Transit Kit of the brand Triton at Yourtools with the item number: 266532 and has EAN code: 5024763125232.


Data sheet

Elektrisch gereedschap
Elekt. gereedschap
Ean code:
Eigenschap 1:
Grote wieldiameter
geschikt voor verplaatsing over ruig terrein
Eigenschap 2:
Loopvlak met groefpatroon
Eigenschap 3:
Interne glijlagers
Eigenschap 4:
Wielbeschermers beschermen de interne componenten
Eigenschap 5:
Duurzaam ABS gevormd handvat
Korte omschrijving:
TWX7 Transportkit ruwe ondergrond

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