Triton TWX7 Workcenter

Triton TWX7 Workcentre

Triton TWX7 Workcentre

VAT included
Versatile woodworking station with a multitude of accessories for tackling any woodworking task. Built-in mains isolated switch connector for connecting power tools, with knee-off stop button function. Includes clamping table module with 40 x 20mm dia holes for securing workpieces. Easy-to-fit module inserts quickly transform the workcentre into the tool desired by the operator. Module levelling screws for simple surface level calibration result in a perfectly flat work surface. Positioning wheels improve manoeuvrability, for small position adjustments. Folds down compactly for convenient transportation. Accessories available include Router Module, Side Support, Outfeed Support, Rugged Transit Kit, Rugged Transit Wheels, Protractor Assembly, Rugged Transit Handle and Saw Table Module.

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The TWX7 Workcentre from Triton can be found in the category: Power Tools and is there subdivided into Power Tools and Workcentres.

The most important properties of the Triton TWX7 Workcentre are:
- Versatile woodworking station
- Easy-to-fit modules enable quick configuration
- Built-in mains isolator switch
- Includes clamping table module
- Folds down for enhanced portability & storage.

You can find this TWX7 Workcentre of the brand Triton at Yourtools with the item number: 265253 and has EAN code: 5024763131325.


Data sheet

Elektrisch gereedschap
Elekt. gereedschap
Ean code:
Eigenschap 1:
Veelzijdig houtbewerkingstation
Eigenschap 2:
Gemakkelijk te installeren tafelbladen voor een gemakkelijke configuratie
Eigenschap 3:
Ingebouwde ge‹soleerde netstroomschakelaar
Eigenschap 4:
Inclusief klemtafelmodule
Eigenschap 5:
Neerklapbaar voor een gemakkelijke verplaatsing en opberging
Korte omschrijving:
TWX7 Workcenter

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