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  • GMC Diamond Saw Blade GTS1500

    Price €6.99
    Spare diamond grit 65Mn saw blade suitable for marble, granite, glass, ceramic, hard tile, concrete and brick. Blade dia 110mm. Bore size 22.23mm. Fits GMC Compact Plunge Saw (936962).
  • GMC Tungsten Carbide-Tipped Saw Blade GTS1500

    Price €9.99
    Spare tungsten carbide-tipped saw blade. Blade dia 110mm. Bore size 22.2mm. For rapid cutting of natural and man-made composite wood. Fits the GMC Compact Plunge Saw.
  • GMC TCT Saw Blade GTS1500

    Price €8.99
    Spare tungsten carbide-tipped (TCT) saw blade with 20 teeth for rapid and effective cutting of natural and man-made composite wood. Blade dia 110mm and bore size 22.2mm. Compatible with GMC Compact Plunge Saw (936962).
  • GMC Track Extension GTS1500

    Price €48.99
    Track extension made from extruded aluminium with non-slip base. Low-friction glide strips. Extends track for versatile cutting of larger pieces. Fits GMC Tracksaw Kit (936962).
  • Triton Canvas Bag for 1500mm Track

    Price €35.99
    Canvas bag for carrying 1500mm track.
  • Silverline DIY 1200W Circular Saw 185mm

    Price €57.99
    Circular saw with fast-cutting tungsten carbide-tipped 24T 185mm dia blade and 0 – 45° bevel angle adjustment with scale. All-metal base and guards with guard lever. Soft-grip main handle and safety lock-off button. Depth adjuster with scale. Dust extraction port. Easy access brush covers. Max cutting capacities: 63mm (90°) and 37mm (45°). Includes 24T TCT blade, blade hex key and parallel fence.
  • Triton Work Clamps

    Price €35.99
    Pair of Work Clamps to secure the track on the workpiece. For use with the Triton TTS1400 1400W Plunge Track Saw. Each clamp needs 25mm (1") of track length.
  • GMC 1250W Wet Stone Cutter 110mm

    Price €100.99
    Heavy duty, hand-held circular saw with powerful 1250W motor, for cutting mineral materials such as marble, granite, natural stone and ceramic. Liquid-cooled cutting with water feed, coolant valve and mains water hose connector. Sturdy, corrosion-resistant, all-metal base plate with adjustable depth of cut and bevel angles from 0 - 45°. Max depth of cut 30mm. Includes water hose connector. 20mm dia. blade bore. Blade not included.
  • Triton Angle Guide

    Price €41.99
    Allows quick, accurate set-up for angled cuts. Sets angles up to +/- 55° for precision cutting. For use with the Triton Track Saw TTS1400. Please note mitre needs more than 140mm (5-1/2”) of track length with or without work clamp.
  • Triton T Square

    Price €35.99
    Fixed 90° for perfectly square cuts. For use with the Triton Track Saw TTS1400. Can be used with DeWalt, Festool and Makita tracks. Mitre needs 140mm (5 1/2") of track length with or without work clamp.
  • GMC 1400W 165mm Plunge Saw & Track Kit

    Price €231.99
    Plunge saw features cast aluminium base, blade guards and dust port. 165mm x 20mm blade with 48 tungsten carbide teeth cuts natural and composite woods. 1400mm extruded aluminium track with non-slip base and low-friction glide strips for fast, repeated, straight cutting. Smooth vertical plunge action, ideal for internal cuts. Over-moulded main handle with on/off trigger and plunge release controls. Large variable speed adjustment dial and blade-change lever. Easy bevel and depth adjustment with clear scales and calibration adjusters. Electronic monitoring of speed under load. No load speed: 2200 - 5200rpm. 57mm (90°) and 42mm (45°) max cutting depths. Includes blade, 2 x track, 2 x clamps, dust port adaptor, 2 x hex key and soft carry case.
  • Triton Dust Extraction System

    Price €19.99
    Dust management system with semi-rigid 1000ml capacity. For use with the Triton Track Saw TTS1400. High filtering capacity non-woven material. Clear fill indication.
  • Silverline DIY 1200W Tracksaw

    Price €129.99
    Plunge track saw features a cast aluminium base, blade guards and dust port. 165 x 20mm blade with 24T tungsten carbide teeth cuts natural and composite woods. 2 x 700mm extruded tracks slot easily together from their compact state to create a 1400mm track with a non-slip base. Easily accessible shaft lock aids fast, convenient blade change. Plunge lock for safety enhancement. Soft-grip handles. Includes guide track system for smooth, precise straight and bevel cutting. Bevel range: 0 - 45°. Max. cutting depth: 56mm. No load speed: 5200min-1.
  • Silverline 800W Reciprocating Saw

    Price €62.99
    Versatile reciprocating saw with powerful 800W motor. Variable speed trigger and lock-on button. Quick, tool-free blade change mechanism. Rotary handle with 3 preset positions. Rubber over-moulded, vibration-reducing grips provides additional control and comfort while operating. Adjustable shoe for stable guiding of the tool. Max cutting capacity in wood 180mm, steel 10mm. No load speed 0-2800min-1. Includes wood-cutting blade.
  • Triton 1400W Track Saw Kit 185mm 4pce

    Price €297.99
    Powerful 1400W track saw kit complete with 1400mm track for smooth, precise, straight and bevel cutting of larger workpieces. Easily accessible spindle lock aids fast, convenient blade-change. Integral anti-kickback device. Plunge-lock safety feature. Large 185mm blade for deeper plunge capacity. Vibration reducing soft-grip handles. Variable speed with soft start and constant speed under load. Includes 1400W Track Saw with 185mm blade, Track Pack and connectors, dust extraction adaptor and work clamps.
  • Triton Plunge Track Saw Blade 60T

    Price €24.99
    Tungsten carbide blade for Triton Plunge Track Saw TTS1400.
  • Triton Plunge Track Saw Track Cut Strips

    Price €22.99
    Durable rubber strips with peel-off adhesive backing. Replacements for the Triton Plunge Track Saw tracks. Protects the edge of the track when cutting, and prevents the workpiece surface from splintering. Cut to size
  • Silverline DIY 1400W Compound Mitre Saw 210mm

    Price €88.99
    Powerful 1400W motor and precision 210mm 24T TCT blade. All-metal blade guards, arm, fence and mitre table. Compound, 0-45° bevel and 0-45° L/R mitre cuts. Maximum cross cut capacity 120 x 50mm. Dust extraction port and carrying handle. Easy 0° calibration for bevel and mitre angle. Bench mountable base. Folds down for compact storage. Includes clamp, dust bag, rear stabiliser and high performance blade.
  • Silverline 1400W Circular Saw with Laser Guide

    Price €83.99
    Circular Saw with laser guide for improved cutting accuracy. Vibration-reducing rubber-coated handles. Dust extraction port. Max cutting capacity at 90° 65mm, at 45° 45mm. Lock-off button and trigger switch. No load speed: 4500rpm. Includes parallel fence and 24T TCT saw blade.
  • Silverline 400W Mini Saw

    Price €83.99
    400W mains-powered mini circular saw with enclosed blade. Up to 12mm cutting depth on a range of materials, including wood, metal, and composites when used with the appropriate blade. Dust extraction system keeps the work area clean for more precise cuts. Includes tungsten carbide cutting blade, high speed steel cutting blade, and ceramic cutting blade.